Monday, January 23, 2006

I think I'm the last one

4 jobs you’ve had in your life:
Troop leader for Scouts
Penggoyang kaki kat rumah

4 movies you could watch over and over:
Forrest Gump
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
any Stephen Chow comedy

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:
House MD
The Simpsons

4 places you’ve lived:
Brickfields, KL
Kelana Jaya

4 places you’ve been on vacation to:
Hainan Island, China
Penang, Malaysia

4 places you would rather be:
my home
Kelana Jaya
anywhere with good food
anywhere with friends to hang out with

4 of your favourite foods:
anything with chicken
anything with fish
Sizzling Tofu
Western breakfast

4 websites you visit daily:

4 (victims) tagged:
anyone will do, coz I'm pretty sure the whole world already did this meme :P

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I got reviewed!

My blog got reviewed! Check it out here!

Actually I found the site after ShaolinTiger got his reviewed, and later I shamelessly requested a review from the moderator, hehe......I got a respectable 7 out of 10, but the review is also the shortest one on the site. Hmmm, maybe my blog interface is TOOOOOO simple.......

And since this is my blog, I don't need to put up a disclaimer to warn anyone of the profanity. If you're shocked by my cussing, that's because you don't know me well......almost everyone I talked to knows that I literally spits out curse words every now and then.

I am aware of this and I'm also embarrased by this disgusting habit, but it's already in me, and still growing by the day. So get used to it.

On an unrelated note, been spending the whole day online fooling around (not THAT KIND of fooling). Then after dinner with Kok Leng, we watched Pulp Fiction together. It was my second viewing and finally got some of the jokes previously didn't get.

Most importantly..............


I know a lot of people watched the bootleg DVD (yes, you're one of them) and the ending was cut straight away to the beach scene while Donnie Yen sips a glass of wine, where Sammo Hung was presumed dead from the fight.

But that was the China version, a more optimistic ending than the original HK and western version. Here's what really happened......
While drinking the wine, Sammo got up and managed to throw Donnie out of the window. Donnie falls down a few stories and smashed on a car, dead.

Cut to Sammo watching from above. He then noticed the car's license plate and realized that his wife and child are in the car. Then comes a 30+ second close up on Sammo's face as he cries in pain.

I think this ending captures the overall mood and theme of the film better. In the end all the characters meet their demise and thus proving that fate and karma is inevitable.

The bootleg version in China was censored and edited into the "happy" ending to fit the country's policy in movies that good guys will always have victory, while bad guys will always receive punishment. In contrast, the original ending was more fitting to the director and writers' artistic vision.

Never again stay up so late like now, 5.20 am. Your body will be malfunctioned.

2 down, 3 more to go

Whoo! Today's Drama exam was a breeze, managed to answer all the questions (but Question 4 was done halfway)......never have I written something so *cough* thought provoking and with depth *cough cough* ......haha, it was fun to write a book review, hehe...if only all exam questions would be like this open ended...then it will be total bliss.....

This, despite the fact that I only start revision last night at 10pm.

How come like that? These few days I am getting lazier and lazier. It's like I don't care about the exams anymore. Or it could be just that I'm confident I will score both papers. Who knows......

Yesterday, after finish the Multimedia exam, went back to the hostel and straight away went to bed at about 5pm coz I didn't sleep the previous night. Woke up at 12am with emormous back pain. Nothing to do, bumped into Magendran on the way to the bathroom, then went to his room to watch SPL, which is like the best Hong Kong action movie in a long time.

Sammo Hung VS Donnie Yen. Pure classic. (and Donnie Yen is so damn cool) Get the bootleg DVD, watch it, then distribute it, promoting by word of mouth......hahaha, I'm advocating piracy......

Still got 3 subjects left. It won't be as easy, that's for sure.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Last Day

Listening To: Jamal Abdillah & Siti Sarah "Sandarkan Pada Kenangan"

Everyone was taking pictures in the college today. It's like a cam fest :P forgot to bring my camera, my roommate borrowed it anyway, or else would have snapped away like crazy also.

My Multimedia Technology tutor Mr. Stephen Tang was a target for cam freaks, the whole course was flooding to take a pic with him...guess he's pretty popular...I didn't stay long for the photoshoots, coz was rushing to submit the JMU application form. Now all I have to do is wait for the offer letter, then I'll have to go through all the necessary procedures, getting visas, health checks, plane ticket bookings.......aih, damn busy......

It only occurred to me after leaving the lecture hall that today is my last day at college.

No more lectures, no more tutorials. The next month will be studying and studying for the final exams.

Wow, it's been 4 years already (3 1/2 years if you don't count the holidays). Time flies really damn fast when you get older. Well, at least that's how I feel. Everything seems to be going at light speed during college years without me realizing it.

Looking back, I guess my college life is pretty OK. Nothing major happened, I'm not very active in clubs, I seldom go clubbing, I NEVER smoked, tried some booze...heck, I don't even often go out hanging out at malls.

OK, I guess my college life IS RATHER BORING, but at least I have respectable academic results, not to mention knowing a bunch of cool and happening people during these 4 years.

Some lecturers are great, some are boring. Some students are all rounders, some are just programming nerds, but all are influential in my life.

Thank you, everyone, for everything that you guys have done. (goddamn, I'm being dramatic here :P)

I'm gonna miss college.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

StreetRoar Independent Music Festival 2006

Was flipping the papers on Friday when I noticed the ad for this indie music fest. It's quite near, held at the KLPac, so thought of going there to enjoy some music, nothing to do on Saturday called up Frankie and asked Jen to go too...Jen didn't have high hopes coz the list of performers weren't indie asked Lysha to accompany, since she's a rock fan also......

Actually the event started at 3pm with some experimental art and sound performance, but we skipped that. After dinner with Lysha and Frankie at Genting Klang, went to the venue at around 8pm. The grass was wet and muddy czo of the rain. We missed the first two performance by local indie bands Whitelight and Deng Deng. Was watching the 3rd band, Dzap Dau Dau (Hong Kong) performing when suddenly saw Chin Keong was also there.

Whoo hoo! Another live music kaki!

noticed Chin Keong behind?

with Lysha at front row

We squeezed to the front row for better view and maximum noise :P Some thoughts about the performers that followed:

Citizens of IceCream
They perform only instrumentals with no vocals. Their sound was highly experimental and ethereal, with lots of effects too. It's like travelling into space when you first listen, quite relaxing if you like this sort of thing. My first thought was it's like a blend between early Radiohead and Sigur Ros. Cool to have a Malaysian band doing Sigur Ros. A check on the sponsor's website confirmed they are indeed heavily influence by both bands.

* My observation quite accurate leh :P *

Kazumasa Hashimoto
There were technical problems when he got on stage, tinkering with his Mac all the time, dunno what he's doing with it. The guitar performance was seriously bad coz he sings so soft. But the piano performance redeemed it, it's very new age and very relaxing. Enya stuff.

False Alarm
This Hong Kong band gave the best performance in terms of showmanship, bringing out the crowd and generating much energy after some moody performances. Everyone in the crowd was high. The lyrics are typical teenage and punk stuff reminiscent of Blink 182. Great solo riffs from the lead guitarist, they really rocked the stage.

I almost wanted to buy their album at one of the stalls, but RM35......

the vocalist looks suspiciously like my tutor Mr. Beh...freaky.

Heavy, hardcore metal stuff from this Malaysian band. Don't have an idea what the guy is howling about. The songs seem all the same to me. Although the lyrics are socially-conscious reflecting on the country's state, the band leader seems to have a political agenda when he gave a monologue that was quite racist in nature to me. There were also Malays in the audience leh...What's even more disturbing is that the crowd approves of his speech.

I go there to enjoy the music la, not to hear about racial tensions and the shits...I wonder if there is indeed an agenda when the sponsors (Tigerbeer) mention in the papers that the concert is for non-Muslims only......

Taiwan's underground ska and funk band, 2 guys and 2 girls. The drum was powerful, the bass funky, guitar work was strong, and they even had a flamenco and Latin session. Groovy......The lead guitarist (Below, who looks and dresses a bit like Kien Aik) was reportedly also Taiwan's best. One of the better bands that night.

China's version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The female lead vocalist was screaming and jumping throughout the whole performance, with lungs that could put LP's Chester to shame. Musically it was progressive rock and alternative stuff. Didn't catch much of their performance coz we went away for rest.

The Observatory
From Singapore. The only band that has clear indication of what they actually singing. A little bit of Coldplay in their music. But most of the time it's got a pop rock feel, yet retaining that indie sound.

Well, it was certainly worth it, the entrance was free anyway. Lots of good music from the indie and underground scene with enough diversity. Looking forward to the next StreetRoar (or RTW for that matter).

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dinners & ISE Nites

Just came back from the dinner for class reps and the ISE Nite committees at Danau Kota. Steven said it was a dinner for us class reps, recognize our "hard work" and things like that, but for me it's more like a get together for the committees......

Whatever, so long as I get free dinner :P

Had the graduation night (Myosotis ISE Nite) last Monday 2nd January at the Hotel Grand Seasons. Sorry for the late post...was busy with assignments and the likes.

Anyway, went out to meet Frankie and the gang at about 5pm. Theresa asked us to wait for her so that we can go together. After 45 mins we just went ahead, figured they'd take their time to do the makeup anyway.

Reached there earlier than expected. Saw the committee members dress up in damn cun punya outfits, we were like so ordinary......

So just took our time strolling around the hotel while waiting for the nite to begin. Took some pics......

with my Silverlake colleagues Wei Kit & Kirk and Teik Teng

Dylan, Jacob, Kok Cheng & Teik Teng

Yeah! Frankie, Alvin, Chris and Teik Teng

Well, soon after that the "ball" started...everyone was dressed so sharply...saw Julie and Jen at Table C, so joined them la......

5 beautiful babes at my table (back L-R) Chew Hong, Theresa (front L-R) Huey Lu, Jenifer, Julie

They had a B-Boy dance performance, but the freestyle session later was much better. Then it was time for food. Was starving like hell coz I skipped lunch for the buffet :P Grabbed everything I could into the plate.

Little did i know that except for the shark fin soup, everything else pretty much sucked. I had better food eating at mamak stalls.

There was a special T-Shirt signed by everyone who came to the Nite that was up for grabs, anyone who can correctly interpret the meaning of Myosotis can take it home. (it's French for "forget me not", thus the theme for the Nite). I went to the gents during the "bidding", and by the time I came back it already belonged to Kim Hock. Damn......the T-Shirt damn sentimental lah...I want......

The games session was ok, but the MC kept making Jacky Wu jokes which some I couldn't get. Jen's group also won, and I also got a small prize from the lucky draw.

playing games

nearing the end of the Nite...

Overall, the Nite was OK la, certainly not worth the RM70 for the food, but for a whole course gathering, nothing is better than this. Definitely a night to remember.

More pics in my Friendster account.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tag Tag Tag......

Feel really boring right now...and got tagged by both Jen and Unreal pulak......might as well do this just to pass the time......


Remove the Blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone else up a notch. Then add your Blog to the bottom spot.

1. Pennypupz
2. april cherrie
3. jennihsurf
4. abbie
5. What's The Commotion?

You then victimize 5 people to pass the LOVE on to. Yes, only 5, not 15.

1. Kien Jean
2. Soe Chin
3. Jo Wen
4. Glory
5. Jacob

1.What were you doing 10 years ago?

started studying Standard 6...

2.What were you doing 1 year ago?

still working in Silverlake doing shitty Excel VBA coding......

3. Five snacks you enjoy.

1. Pringles
2. Mr. Potato
3. Mamee Monster
4. Keropok Lekor
5. Kacang Siput

4.Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now.

1. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
2. Always by Bon Jovi
3. You're Beautiful by James Blunt
4. The Real Slim Shady by Eminem
5. Desperado by The Eagles

5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

1. travelling overseas with family
2. buy the papers and print whatever i want...hahaha!
3. sponsor my own education
4. PS3, XBox 360, high end PC......
5. donate to charity......

6. Five bad habits.

1. Cussing like nobody's business ALL THE TIME
2. daydreaming
3. have wet dreams
4. Wiki-surfing all day long
5. lazy to study

7. Five things you like doing.

1. reading film reviews
2. surfing
3. eat and eat and eat......
4. blasting rock songs on my 'lauyar' speaker
5. watching '24'

8. Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new ones again.

1. 'Lala chai' clothing
2. one use 8 years already and counting...
3. fancy accessories
4. comb...i don't use one...
5. baggy pants...

9. Five favorite toys.

1. digicam
2. Optimus Prime Transformer toy
3. PSone
4. Lego (really)
5. iPod (hopefully)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

2005 Year In Review

Now that everyone has done it, it's my turn.

I'm talking about the obligatory 2005 year in review.

I wanted to blog about this on new year's eve. Alas, stupid assignments and other appointments were in the way, thus the delay til now.

This is the first time i'm doing something like this, so there will be a lot of hits and misses. My blogging journey started only in April, so the 3 months before that will be a bit blur...

Looking back, 2005 was a pretty good year for me, a lot of first times...anyway, here goes: (don't get bored)

- January -
Still in deep shock and kept reading the papers like mad for updates on the tsunami incident. Gone thru a lot of deep thoughts during this period.

Am still in training in Silverlake, and started buying lots and lots of DVDs of great movies during the pre-Oscar season and older classics such as Reservoir Dogs, Dances With Wolves, Fight Club, and LOTR: Return of The King (Exended Edition).

(of course, except for ROTK, the rest are pirated copies :P)

- February -

Got really bored staying in TTDI without much entertainment at night, so started my video renting craze at VideoEzy, which led to even more movie mania every night. Ahhh...endless hours of Friends from season 5-10......Sitcom bliss.

Also rented some pretty darn good movies that I've been wanting to watch but can't find, including American Psycho, In The Bedroom, One Night In Mongkok and The Truman Show.

It also helps that all these inspired me for the title of my final year project, a video rental system (lame).

- March -
Completed my internship at Silverlake Systems, although some of the other fellow trainee extended for 1 more month. Stupid company promised a testimonial but turns out empty handed.

Had a brief but memorable reunion with some primary school mates after nearly 9 years without contact. Exchanged some contact numbers of course.

- April -
Spent most of the time procrastinating at home, and finally applied for the driving license and attended the course after all these years wasted. During this month finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon (although with some skeptism), starting with Friendster blog because of it's simplicity and ease.

- May -
Successfully reapplied for the TARC hostel stay and moved back in. It's good to be back for student life again.

Finally got my driver's license after 2 attempts. (I failed the first naik bukit test, kanasai...)

Also, went to Thailand for a 5 days 4 nights trip with my family. The whole package was just RM650 including hotel stay and 3 meals a day per person, a pretty bargain from the MAS Fair.
Went to a so-called 'Model Show' in Pattaya when in actual it was a strip show. Nearly got pulled up to the stage and have the models rub their breast on my face for "messaging".

How i regret i didn't gone up there.

- June -
Officially started the dreaded final year project and seminar. For ease of research and leisure, I signed up for the wireless Internet in the hostel and got goddamn addicted.

I also attended the Fete de la Musique 2005 concert in BB.

In college, they got a professor from the US to teach us the damn Computer Communications. 3 weeks of intense lecture turned out to be a snorefest coz not understanding a damn thing he said.

Also in this month finally got a taste of the famed

- July -
Witnessed the historical LIVE 8 concert on ASTRO. Stayed up to nearly watch for 24 hours straight.

- August -
The haze in the country is at its worst on August. I finally changed to coz Friendster Blogs didn't have more control on the interface and features.

The majority of classmates were moved to another class, leaving me and a few more remaining in Q6. Had trouble finding group members for assignments. Shoot.

- September -
This marked the first time I have ever failed a mid term test in my 4 years in college, the dreaded Computer Communications subject.

Cleared all the exam papers, although not with flying colours, and the CGPA has dropped.

- October -
This also marked the first time that I didn't go back home for holiday coz of the final year project. Had to rush it in 2 weeks time. Only started on the 2nd week after procrastinating for 1 week. Shit.

It doesn't help that it coincides with my birthday. Had the 2nd loneliest birthday in my life after 2004, coz the hostel was almost as empty as a cemetary. Rushing final year projects on birthdays sucks.

Luckily the project demo and testing went smoothly.

- November -
Really being cultured in this month. First time went to a play (Pygmalion) at the KLPac and soon started falling in love with dramas.

Another first time, went to listen to orchestra music at the KLCC Philharmonic Orchestra Hall.

Attended the Universal Peace Federation inaugural convocation at the KLCC Convention Center, which turned out to be a lecture on Christianity instead.

My uncle passed away in an accident this month. Couldn't really remember the date coz was preparing for assignments and presentation. I didn't blog about this coz at the time I was too emotional and I felt it was too personal to blog it out.

Also finally submitted the FYP, everything and all. Freedom at last.

- December -
Spent most of the time doing assignments all day long. Crazy semester. Acted in "A Streetcar Named Desire" playing the dream role of Stanley.

2005 was a great year. End of summary.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Everything is just not right

don't know why I've been down for the past 2 days...maybe it's the completion of the Flash assignment...the dread of having to present to Mr. Stephen Tang is just very haunting......

fucked up my mid term test for DCS, have to do make good test.

fucked up my report for Drama, been accused of plagiarising coz some dumb ass group member gave me their goddamn part copied and pasted from Internet.

fucked up the Flash assignment, the whole thing was a mess and incosistent.

fucked up my presentation for Multimedia Technology, went in late and been crushed and destroyed by Mr. Stephen "I don't like playing merry go round" Tang.


I wasn't like this during the diploma years and advance diploma 1st year...don't know why the results are dereriorating and the motivation for studying has gone down the drain......

the older i am, the lazier i get.
the nearer the deadline for assignments, the more i slack.
the harder the programming language, the more i avoid.

I'm a total mess.

I got no one else to blame but myself.

Wait...oh yeah...i blame the course for transferring me to another class since this semester.

working with less familiar people from other class just isn't the same like working with ur teammates which you've known for 3 years. The ethusiasm and energy just gone coz u don't get to know them very much.

and even after you do get to know them, you discover that they actually skip class most of the time, don't know doing what at that how to discuss assignments let alone actually start doing assignments......

so damn sien.

so damn angry.

so damn frustrated.

it's the final semester already, the attitude still ain't changed yet, sure can't survive in the outside world.

still got lots of things to do...gotta brush up on networking and DCS, gotta read the whole drama stories......still got the 2005 review to blog and the ISE graduation night to blog about......

it's 4.17am and i don't even know why the fuck i bother to blog when i am so sleepy and there's class tomorrow morning.

dunno what to say liao...i'm outta here......

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Meme

Been busy coz' of the Flash assignment......damn thing kept coming up with errors......what the heck, it's me who is the one who don't know how to use......can't complaint......

Anyway, been wanting to do a recap of 2005, but definitely not I'll just post this meme from Jen......enjoy.

3 Most Unforgettable Moments 2005

( 1 ) Watching 5 seasons of "Friends" in 1 month
( 2 ) LIVE 8
( 3 ) Vacation trip to Thailand

3 Favourite Movies Watched 2005

( 1 ) Sin City (DVD)
( 2 ) Sepet
( 3 ) Oldboy (DVD)

Saddest / Worrying Moments 2005

( 1 ) My uncle passing away
( 2 ) Final Year Project development
( 3 ) Tsunami aftermath

3 Cutest Things Saw 2005

( 1 ) Niece no.10
( 2 ) some hostel girls :P
( 3 ) some roadside baby cat

Most Embarrassing Moment 2005

Got stripped until almost naked by some hostel mates and took some pictures. Laugh all you want......


I just came back from the countdown party in Sg Wang. As usual, the spray can and everything was all over me...but this was the first time in my college life that I went to a New Year's Eve countdown. The countdown was okay la, not too bad...but didn't manage to catch much of what's happening there. The whole street between Lot 10 and Sg Wang Plaza was crowded. Crazy......

Well, 2005 is over. Just like that. One minute you're thinking how come your internship haven't finish yet; The next minute it's 1st January 2006 already. Time really flies by when you get older. :P

Still got lots of things not accomplished yet...this is why I don't set any new year's resolution, coz I know I will not be able to achieve it. Too much distraction. But this year marked my beginning into adulthood. 21 is such a big number. So I will try to at least come up with some resolutions and hopefully can achieve it lah.

Here goes:
  1. Spend more time with my family before heading for LJMU. The last 2 semester was so damn hectic I hardly went back home.
  2. Be more hardworking. I've been slacking for the past six months because of the wireless Internet I installed in June. Can't act like that if wanna study Masters course.
  3. Learn to cook. Crucial for studying in the UK.
  4. Learn to speak Hainanese. My father's mother tongue...I can hardly understand my grandpa, it's time to brush up some language skills.
  5. Get rid of the spare tyres on my waist. Been talking about that since 2001. But food has always been my bane......
  6. Read! Seldom read, that's why otak karat......Da Vinci Code!!! Fight Club!!!
  7. Get a girl and get laid.
  8. Fully cherish the experience in UK......
  9. Be more thankful to everyone.
That's about it. Hope that I can at least fulfill some of it lah......but if not achieving all the resolutions, then it defeats the initial purpose of making one. Fuck, I'm contradicting myself again.

oh yeah, resolution no.10: Use less "Fuck" words.