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2005 Year In Review

Now that everyone has done it, it's my turn.

I'm talking about the obligatory 2005 year in review.

I wanted to blog about this on new year's eve. Alas, stupid assignments and other appointments were in the way, thus the delay til now.

This is the first time i'm doing something like this, so there will be a lot of hits and misses. My blogging journey started only in April, so the 3 months before that will be a bit blur...

Looking back, 2005 was a pretty good year for me, a lot of first times...anyway, here goes: (don't get bored)

- January -
Still in deep shock and kept reading the papers like mad for updates on the tsunami incident. Gone thru a lot of deep thoughts during this period.

Am still in training in Silverlake, and started buying lots and lots of DVDs of great movies during the pre-Oscar season and older classics such as Reservoir Dogs, Dances With Wolves, Fight Club, and LOTR: Return of The King (Exended Edition).

(of course, except for ROTK, the rest are pirated copies :P)

- February -

Got really bored staying in TTDI without much entertainment at night, so started my video renting craze at VideoEzy, which led to even more movie mania every night. Ahhh...endless hours of Friends from season 5-10......Sitcom bliss.

Also rented some pretty darn good movies that I've been wanting to watch but can't find, including American Psycho, In The Bedroom, One Night In Mongkok and The Truman Show.

It also helps that all these inspired me for the title of my final year project, a video rental system (lame).

- March -
Completed my internship at Silverlake Systems, although some of the other fellow trainee extended for 1 more month. Stupid company promised a testimonial but turns out empty handed.

Had a brief but memorable reunion with some primary school mates after nearly 9 years without contact. Exchanged some contact numbers of course.

- April -
Spent most of the time procrastinating at home, and finally applied for the driving license and attended the course after all these years wasted. During this month finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon (although with some skeptism), starting with Friendster blog because of it's simplicity and ease.

- May -
Successfully reapplied for the TARC hostel stay and moved back in. It's good to be back for student life again.

Finally got my driver's license after 2 attempts. (I failed the first naik bukit test, kanasai...)

Also, went to Thailand for a 5 days 4 nights trip with my family. The whole package was just RM650 including hotel stay and 3 meals a day per person, a pretty bargain from the MAS Fair.
Went to a so-called 'Model Show' in Pattaya when in actual it was a strip show. Nearly got pulled up to the stage and have the models rub their breast on my face for "messaging".

How i regret i didn't gone up there.

- June -
Officially started the dreaded final year project and seminar. For ease of research and leisure, I signed up for the wireless Internet in the hostel and got goddamn addicted.

I also attended the Fete de la Musique 2005 concert in BB.

In college, they got a professor from the US to teach us the damn Computer Communications. 3 weeks of intense lecture turned out to be a snorefest coz not understanding a damn thing he said.

Also in this month finally got a taste of the famed

- July -
Witnessed the historical LIVE 8 concert on ASTRO. Stayed up to nearly watch for 24 hours straight.

- August -
The haze in the country is at its worst on August. I finally changed to coz Friendster Blogs didn't have more control on the interface and features.

The majority of classmates were moved to another class, leaving me and a few more remaining in Q6. Had trouble finding group members for assignments. Shoot.

- September -
This marked the first time I have ever failed a mid term test in my 4 years in college, the dreaded Computer Communications subject.

Cleared all the exam papers, although not with flying colours, and the CGPA has dropped.

- October -
This also marked the first time that I didn't go back home for holiday coz of the final year project. Had to rush it in 2 weeks time. Only started on the 2nd week after procrastinating for 1 week. Shit.

It doesn't help that it coincides with my birthday. Had the 2nd loneliest birthday in my life after 2004, coz the hostel was almost as empty as a cemetary. Rushing final year projects on birthdays sucks.

Luckily the project demo and testing went smoothly.

- November -
Really being cultured in this month. First time went to a play (Pygmalion) at the KLPac and soon started falling in love with dramas.

Another first time, went to listen to orchestra music at the KLCC Philharmonic Orchestra Hall.

Attended the Universal Peace Federation inaugural convocation at the KLCC Convention Center, which turned out to be a lecture on Christianity instead.

My uncle passed away in an accident this month. Couldn't really remember the date coz was preparing for assignments and presentation. I didn't blog about this coz at the time I was too emotional and I felt it was too personal to blog it out.

Also finally submitted the FYP, everything and all. Freedom at last.

- December -
Spent most of the time doing assignments all day long. Crazy semester. Acted in "A Streetcar Named Desire" playing the dream role of Stanley.

2005 was a great year. End of summary.

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